Rohde Roofing has established product partnerships with a number of leading international companies.

German-based Rheinzink has been manufacturing titanium zinc of the highest quality for façades and roofs since 1966. Rheinzink offers a wide range of plumbing and profile techniques for modern roof and façades cladding. In addition Rheinzink has over 500 products within its roof drainage systems, all certified and tested with proven longevity. This includes an extensive range of roof gutters, downspouts and accessories in various profiles.                                                                                    GUARANTEE - Rheinzink offers a 30-year material guarantee.

Creaton, the leading German brand in creative roofing, has been manufacturing burnt-clay roof tiles for more than 120 years. Creaton's varied product range includes branded tiles for the world’s most beautiful roofs with an ever-expanding range of shapes and colours. It also offers creative cladding design for building facades and economical flooring products. GUARANTEE - Creaton offers a “Generation Guarantee” of 50 years for the durability and beauty of the roof.

Velux, founded in Denmark, has been manufacturing a wide range of skylight and roof windows for over 60 years, which transform rooms into a light, airy space. Its product range includes window systems, blinds, shutters and solar solutions to suit any climate and architecture. GUARANTEE - Velux offers a 10-year guarantee on its roof windows.