Our Service offering

Our expertise and high standards of customer service are fuelling demand for our services around the country.

Roofing services we offer

Our services are focused on new roofs and re-roofing backed up by both a workmanship and manufacturer's warranty.

  • New roofs: The design and building of a roof for a brand new building. This includes the installation of insulation material and gutters.
  • Re-roofing: Installing a new roof where a previous roof system has failed. System failures can be due to numerous factors: age, severe weather, poor workmanship, defective materials, improper specifications, abuse and poor maintenance.


Materials we recommend

Rohde Roofing’s materials of choice are high quality, long-lasting clay tiles, zinc and copper sheets.

Clay tiles can withstand the natural climatic elements and actually improve with exposure. The colourfastness of the tiles sees them weather and mellow with age, but never fade as with concrete tiles. Its durability further enables clay tiles to easily outlast concrete tiles by several decades.

Zinc is prevented from rusting thanks to a natural patina generated by atmospheric influences on the surface of the zinc once exposed to the environment. This self-healing patina mends unsightly surface damage. Resistance to intensive sunlight further fights fading, helping zinc roofs last up to four times as long as steel roofs.

Copper generates a similar protection against corrosion with a patina that forms over time in a reaction of the metal with air. Resulting in the greenish roofs and domes on today’s buildings, copper roofs can also last for many centuries.