Clay Tiles

The use of clay tiles or ceramics in the building and decoration of homes has been around for many centuries. Oven baked tiles date back to the Tower of Babel, the Great Wall of China, and the monuments of ancient Greece and Rome.

In the last 30 years, production methods for manufacturing ceramic tiles have truly been perfected. Better materials and advances in drying techniques now lend new levels of quality and consistency to the final product.

Clay tiles are one of the most decorative of historic roofing materials because of their great variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. Their unique appearance makes them a prominent and desirable feature on an older house – helping define its architectural character.

Rohde Roofing works with product from Creaton, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of clay tiles. With an ever-increasing variety of styles and uses, including a designer range of colours, its products offer endless architectural possibilities.

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