Zinc & Copper

The Babylonians and the Assyrians already knew of zinc as part of the alloying process to produce brass. Copper has similarly been known to many of the world’s oldest civilizations and has been in use for at least 10,000 years.

These materials are increasingly being used in modern architecture in South Africa as awareness of its technical and aesthetic qualities increase.



Today’s zinc is a zinc-copper-titanium alloy. It has a pleasing, timeless appearance, long life with minimal maintenance, and a cost-effectiveness and versatility, which enables it to be used for innovative architectural designs.

Rohde Roofing works with product from Rheinzink, made of an alloy of fine zinc (degree of purity 99.995%) combined with specific quantities of titanium and copper. This is used to build roofs and façades that exude excellence and prestige, withstanding all the influences of the weather for generations.

Architects, developers and contractors continually choose Rheinzink because of its durability, longevity, low maintenance, craftsmanship and elegant, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Rheinzink is a timeless material capable of exuding a modern technical appearance and classical beauty.



Today’s copper has also come a long way to prove itself as an ideal, trouble-free roofing material. Advances in prefabrication techniques and machinery and fixing technology have greatly reduced costs, which enables copper to be used in a greater variety of building situations than in the past. 

Copper roofs have been known to last for over 700 years, the substrate rather than the copper itself eventually failing.


Copper Roof